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Am I A Star Seed?

You know the answer to this question, but the illusion of low frequency energies that aim to keep you away from your infinite intelligence have been playing games with your heart.

From one Star Seed to another...I understand. You've stopped playing the games of the 3D matrix's fallacious thought programs and you're ready to ascend to your 5D vibration and beyond...Visit our new location to learn more and join your Star Seed family.

Common Star Seed Attributes

Death does not scare you...You have always been an old soul...You see the deeper meaning in are a joyful, exuberant, super optimistic and positive energy being! You are consistently solutions-oriented...You love helpiing people to see the light within. You have had to surmount and transmute mind-bending traumas like incest or physically abusive parents or partners.

You know that amidst all of your experiences, your Soul aka Source Self is unlimited, untouched, impenetrable, brilliant, bright and magical! Welcome home starseed!