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Founder & Artistic Director

With a diverse background in Science, Education, Music and Dance, Fatima curates Rhythm Alchemy Workshops that reflect the rich legacy of master orators who use the art of freestyling to strengthen and empower children and adults with quintessential tools and techniques that enhance creativity, and confidence, mitigate childhood traumas and alleviate public speaking anxiety. Read below to find out more about other premiere services: Live Music Performances, Tropical Retreats and Storytelling for Children. CONTACT US directly at oraclevoices4@gmail.com to LEARN MORE and BOOK our services.

Premiere Services

  • Storytelling For Children (Personalized, Small Groups, Schools)

    As a child, Fatima was a top contender in New York's City-wide Storytelling Competition with her recitation of John Steptoe's Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. The stories, poetry and monologues imparted lessons on Self-esteem, confidence and character development, which ignited Fatima's fearless public speaking and authentic Self-expression as an Orator. With our Storytelling Services, Children will be immersed in: 1. The art of visual storytelling through memorization and recitation, 2. The art of story creation and, 3. The Art of Public Speaking Presentations. Email oraclevoices4@gmail.com with the subject "storytelling workshop" to book this service for your child/school.

  • Live Performances (Concerts, Parties, Features)

    Very eclectic, Fatima's debut album, "It Has Always Been The Sound" is the big bang of transcendental music. Integrating sounds from the ocean, and all of nature, echoing vocals of meditative hums, poetic verses steeped in Self-affirming mantras and bass thumping hip hop verses, all overlayed with an orchestra of original production, Fatima's music and live performances is a convergence of energies that are quite literally, intergalactic! Email oraclevoices4@gmail.com with the subject "live performance booking" to Feature Fatima at your Showcase, Concert, etc.

  • Rhythm Alchemy Retreats (Grenada, West Indies)

    In the Land of Sulphur springs, waterfalls, rainforests, fresh fruits, coconut water and brilliant sunshine Oracle Voices Rhythm Alchemy Retreat is an immersive experience that will make you feel like you have accomplished your purpose for being here...for what this journey catalyzes. This very intimate, very cathartic, healing and rejuvenating experience invigorates every aspect of your being. Welcome to your rebirth. Contact us today at oraclevoices4@gmail.com with the subject "rhythm alchemy retreat" to find out about our personalized services.

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Books for Adults

Books for Adults

Gazing into the portal of her own destiny, Fatima births the Poetry... 

The Self Care Experience: Sulfur Magic

100% Natural

Sourced from the volcanic thermal springs in Grenada, West Indies, this hand picked, sun dried mineral of nature is sifted into a fine powder and packaged into "Sulfur Magic." 100% Natural and Organic, Sulphur is a mineral that promotes healthy blood circulation which pulls toxins out from the deepest layers of the skin. Using Sulfur Magic makes the skin strong so that it can pull out heavy waste stored inside the skin from polluted environments. Sulphur's deeply penetrating action supports the flushing out of dead skin cells so that rich oxygen intake can stimulate youthful skin that brings your inner beauty out to the surface!